Ewa Auguscik

Eliminate Hard Water Toilet Stains With One Common Household Ingredient

01-26-2016 - Posted by Ewa Auguscik

Do you have hard water and does your toilet broadcast that fact for all the world to see (or at least your friends and family), despite your efforts to keep your bathroom sparkly and clean? Don't let those unpleasant brown mineral stains cause you any more embarrassment when house guests head to the restroom, they are easier to remove than you might think! Just follow the subsequent steps to make hard water stains a thing of the past.


You will need:
1. A toilet scrubbing brush
2. Gloves
3. A plunger
4. Toilet paper
5. An old towel
6. Extra strength vinegar

Step 1:
Clean the toilet as well as you can using your regular methods, so that they only discoloration that remains is from the hard water stains. You are about to get up close and personal with the toilet, so it is best if it is as clean as possible.

Step 2:
You want your toilet bowl to be as empty as possible before you get started. To do this, you can simply turn off the water, flush the toilet, and then turn the water back on. Use a plunger to get as much of the remaining water out of the toilet bowl as you can, and then use an old towel to soak up the rest.

Step 3:
Pour at least one half of a gallon of the vinegar into the toilet bowl. This amount should cover all of the hard water stains that have accumulated in the bottom of the bowl.

Step 4:
For the stains around the rim of the toilet bowl, take a few squares of toilet paper and dip it in the vinegar in the toilet bowl. Place the vinegar-soaked toilet paper over the hard water stains on the rim of the toilet - the toilet paper should stick. Repeat this process until all stains are covered with the vinegar soaked toilet paper.

Step 5:
Leave the vinegar in the toilet bowl, and the vinegar soaked toilet paper on the rim to work its magic for at least a few hours. You can leave this treatment on overnight as well.

Step 6:
Remove the toilet paper and discard. Use your toilet brush to scrub the toilet bowl. You should notice that any stains that are left scrubbing off easily at this point.

Step 7:
Flush your toilet to remove the remaining evidence of hard water stains, and then proceed to enjoy your sparkling, company-ready, like-new toilet!